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Peronnel Task Force

Task Force Purpose: To assist the Director in facilitating the hiring of staff

Task Force Leadership: Chair

Works with/gets information from: This task force must work with the Director and each department to identify their hiring needs.  This committee must also work with MSA’s Technology Consultant on contract (currently, Justin Gehring) and MSA staff to post applications and allow applicants to upload their materials to the website.

Number of people on the committee: The task force includes the Director, a teacher representative(s) from the applicable department(s) and interested parents.

Meetings -when/how often held: The task force usually meets February through September, depending on the number of open positions. Meeting times and frequency varies.

Chair's responsibilities: The Chair must ensure that all positions are filled.

Task Force members’ responsibilities: Members must help to ensure that all positions are filled. This committee must complete the following:

  • Work with departments to identify positions to be filled and obtain the descriptions of the positions
    • Post jobs on the MSA website and other websites as appropriate.
    • Disseminate  and read application materials
    • Work with the departments to create interview questions
    • Schedule interviews
    • Participate in interviews
    • Follow through on interviews, if requested/needed
    • Work with the director to schedule  job offerings


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