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General Information (FAQ) for Prospective Families

These are some frequently asked questions by prospective parents when deciding whether or not to send their child to the Math and Science Academy.

What are the hours at the Math and Science Academy?

School hours are between 9am - 4pm.

The Math and Science Academy's Staff

The Math and Science Academy utilizes licensed teachers and administrators, educational assistants, administrative support personnel, and many coaches, volunteers, and support positions.  For a list of our full time staff and their profiles, please see our Staff Page.

What kinds of courses are offered?

The Math and Science Academy has a liberal arts program with an emphasis on math and
science. Students must pass complete programs in science and math including biology,
chemistry, physics, algebra, trigonometry, and calculus. This coursework is coupled with a
strong humanities program that encompasses and/or exceeds all state requirements for English,
Social Studies, foreign language, and physical education. Graduates meet or exceed the
Minnesota Graduation Standards in all areas. Art and Music are also important components to
the curriculum. Full course requirements can be found here.

What electives are offered at MSA?

MSA has a wide variety of electives to choose from. We have several electives in the subjects of
math, science, art, English, and social studies. These electives do change from semester to semester, and year to year. Please see our course offerings for details as to what is currently being offered to existing students.

Why does MSA require six years of Spanish?

Our small staff limits our ability to teach multiple languages. Because Spanish is the second
most prevalent language used in the United States, we have chosen to emphasize its study. We
want our students to become proficient in the use of this language.

What role do parents play at the Math and Science Academy?

The Math and Science Academy is governed by parents, educators, and community members.
All families with students at the Math and Science Academy are automatically part of the
"Parent Teacher Organization".

The PTO is committed to enhancing the educational experience of the students at MSA
by conducting and/or supporting activities that supplement the standard curriculum, build
community, foster communication, and encourage parent education. Everyone is encouraged to
attend the meetings and participate in Parent Team activities.

More information about the Parent Team can be found on the Parent Teacher Organization Page.

Where is the Math and Science Academy located?

The Math and Science Academy (MSA) is an innovative Charter School that is located in the
City Center neighborhood of Woodbury, Minnesota. We currently have four buildings.

  • Building A: 8430 Woodbury Crossing. Woodbury MN 55125
  • Building B: 8460 Woodbury Crossing, Woodbury MN 55125
  • Building C: 8490 Woodbury Crossing, Woodbury MN 55125
  • Building D: 8500 Woodbury Crossing, Woodbury MN 55125

What transportation is available?

MSA is located within the boundaries of South Washington County School District 833. All
students who live within District 833 boundaries are entitled to busing as determined by that
district. Students who reside outside District 833 boundaries must find their own way to school.

What is the dress code?

For the current dress code policy click here.

Math and Science Academy
8430 Woodbury Crossing
Woodbury MN 55125
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Main School Line: (651) 578-7507
Attendance Line: (651) 578-8061
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Student Records Fax: (651) 800-4600

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