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What Makes MSA a Great School?

MSA's challenging curriculum, focus on academics, student body focused on education, amazing teachers who are willing to do above and beyond, peers that support each other and friendships that are caring and understanding. Small school environment where personal attention is more, are some of the things that make MSA great school for our family.  MSA parent 

I think MSA is a great school because of the community. I've never had any problems, nor have I heard of anyone else having problems. I have great friends here. Plus, it is also a very academically good school. I've talked about and compared school curriculums with friends from other schools, and I like MSA's system better.   Student, 10th grade 

Excellence is expected of both students and staff, and they are all given the tools and support that they need to achieve that excellence. MSA teacher

Provides excellent education and gives the students life skills. Prepares them for college. MSA parent 

The teachers are all passionate about what they teach and are happy to help students. The other students at MSA are friendly and kind and will help you when you need it. Go Dragons! Student, 10th grade 

Everyone fits in! MSA teacher 

My child found a place where he could learn without the fear of being teased or bullied. MSA parent 

I love the relationships! The students and the parents of the students want to be at MSA, so they are invested. The kids respect each other and form strong friendships, and the parents of the kids also form strong friendships. I also love the opportunity my children have at MSA. They can be a part of the play, be in computer club, play basketball, and more. Because the student population is small, my children have an opportunity to make a difference. MSA parent 

The connections between students and teachers and the passion the teachers feel for their subjects make MSA stand out as a great school. Student, 10th grade .

Because of its fascinating atmosphere and people. It's very cool to be a part of all of this. MSA teacher 

Small school, great teachers and staff, awesome kids and wonderful education! MSA parent 

Like a home school only not directed by parents - but people that care just as much!  MSA has everything to keep educating kids the focus - we couldn't ask for more!  Thank you! MSA parent 

You know everyone in your grade, you know a lot of them for a good amount of years so it feels like some of them are your family, it prepares you for college and the future. Student, 11th grade 

The thing that strikes me about MSA is that the families WANT to be here and the students WANT to learn. We have very high expectations academically and behaviorally and the students meet those expectations. The staff and teachers are excellent and go above and beyond to help students. The small class sizes allow teachers to really get to know students which has a positive effect in both academic achievement and lifelong relationships. MSA teacher 

Kids feel challenged and the school creates an environment to explore ideas. MSA parent 

It gives you a higher education than public schools. For example, I'm taking Chemistry in 10th grade while my friends at another school are taking Biology (which I took last year). Student, 10th grade 

Everyone is so nice and the teachers are always willing to work with you. Student, 12th grade 

We appreciate the small size classrooms and how each teacher cares for each student. Bigger schools do not see the individual student.  MSA parent 

MSA is not just a school; we're a community! MSA teacher 

There is a culture of celebrating intelligence and uniqueness. I think my kids could easily have been the type to end up picked on and lonely at many high schools, but instead they thrived at MSA.  And my kids who have gone on to college were very well prepared - college homework and content wasn't a big leap for them. MSA parent 

I like MSA because it is a small school with a very family-like environment. It has amazing teachers who I feel like I can approach and ask anything and the students are usually very kind and aren't disruptive like other schools. Student, 10th grade 

MSA has great and close relationships among fellow classmates and teachers. Student, 11th grade 

Because of its diversity. MSA parent 

I love MSA because of the class sizes. MSA is much smaller than a typical school, which I found was the best option for me. Having smaller classes means there is more time with teachers and, quite honestly, a better learning environment. Student, 12th grade 

The level of teacher, support staff, student and parent support is tremendous. Everyone is committed to encouraging learning and academic success. It truly is a community of learners! MSA parent 

A supportive student body and a great parent force. Also teachers are passionate in their field of study. Student, 11th grade 

The MSA teachers and staff are wonderful to work with! MSA teacher 

The school community is very supportive. MSA parent 

This school is smaller than most which means it is more close-knit so it's easier to become friends with people and there is less bullying. Student, 10th grade 

MSA provides a close-knit community where most students and teachers are dedicated to learning and forming relationships. Student, 11th grade 

MSA's special education department is relentless in its support of students with differentiated needs. We have been so grateful for the wonderful staff that advocate for all children at MSA and meet them where they are. One size does not fit all, and the MSA community has taken steps in recent years to embrace all students' strengths and challenges. MSA parent 

You really get the feeling that many teachers want to help you and care about your education. Teachers like Ms. Rosemann and Srta. Anderson truly make learning more enjoyable, and a good experience.Student, 10th grade 

It gives students and teachers the opportunity to create unique and personalized relationships that lead to a deeper understanding of what it means to be a positive role model and global citizen. MSA teacher 

A great eclectic mix of exceptionally bright, kind students. MSA parent 

It does an excellent job of preparing you for college. Student, 12th grade 

Kids are taught their role on how to be responsible for their own success. MSA parent 

I like how MSA is a place where you'll find people who really care about their future and the success of the school. The students want to learn. The teachers and staff care about everyone, and always want to help you. The parents want to volunteer and donate. Student, 11th grade 

We challenge our students to do their very best, and we have the highest academic expectations. We value diversity, and we embrace every student and staff member for who they are. MSA teacher 

Small class sizes led by teachers who connect with each student and get to know them as an individual. MSA parent 

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