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MSA's Vision and Mission

Our Vision

To be an innovative, sustainable model of academic excellence that creates well-rounded, lifelong learners and global citizens.

Our Mission

To offer intense math, science and technology experiences and challenging opportunities in the arts and humanities. To develop lifelong learning skills, including critical thinking, leadership skills, volunteerism and collaboration with peers.

Our Core Values

  • MSA will foster a safe environment where every voice is heard and individuals are free to take risks.
  • MSA will continue to improve performance and recognize outstanding achievement.
  • MSA will empower students to develop skills in organization, time management and self-discipline.
  • MSA will continuously evaluate and improve our program to ensure the highest quality of education.
  • MSA will encourage networking, collaboration, and open communication between all members of our community.
  • MSA will encourage students and staff to show respect for others and their views.
  • MSA students and staff will exhibit fairness, cooperation, integrity and honesty.
  • MSA students and staff will take responsibility for their actions.
  • MSA will encourage students, their parents and staff to volunteer at school.
  • MSA will set high expectations for teaching and learning.

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