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The Math anaboutpic2.pngd Science Academy (MSA) is an innovative charter school that is located in the City Center neighborhood of Woodbury, Minnesota. MSA is a tuition-free public school that serves students in grades six through twelve. It has a tradition of offering intense math and science experiences with the added distinction of providing creative and challenging opportunities in arts and humanities.

To meet this challenge, MSA students are expected to value and seek out their education. Students must be willing to diligently apply themselves to their studies, and be well organized and disciplined in their educational pursuits. They are given opportunities to excel in rigorous math, science, humanities, music, art, and foreign language curriculums that reward critical thinking, effective time management, and collaboration with peers. These opportunities allow students to develop skills and competencies in many aspects of their lives; they provide a strong educational foundation which students can build upon after graduation.

Students are held to high standards in their academic work and their behavior, and they are expected to self-advocate to achieve these expectations. The students are expected to act responsibly towards their classmates, their teachers, the school staff, MSA family members, and themselves.

Our small school and small class sizes foster meaningful interaction among faculty, students, staff, and parents while promoting an atmosphere of self-advocacy, accountability, respect, and responsibility. MSA educates students to become leaders who have acquired excellent communication skills, conceptual understanding, and the ability to make wise choices that will lead to success.

Families need to be aware of the opportunities and responsibilities they have in ensuring the success of MSA students. MSA families are expected to support the policies of the school and the students in their studies.

Press Release for Math and Science Academy 9/1/2021

The leadership of Math and Science Academy is excited to announce that we are back in person.  We continue to have great student outcomes, even during the pandemic. We are looking forward to a great year where we will be working to put equity at the center of all that we do in our rigorous educational environment. 

MSA has some of the most impressive AP statistics in the state.

  • MSA had 96 total AP students last year out of 294 students in grades 9 through 12.
  • MSA students took a total of 146 total AP exams in the spring of 2021.
  • 83.33% of MSA AP students (94 students) received a score of 3 or higher on the 2021 AP exams.  
  • 25% of MSA AP students (24 students) received the top score of 5 on their 2021 AP exams.
  • 51 out of 57 students in 11th grade took the ACT test in spring 2021.  The mean ACT score was 25.4.   

On the state MCA tests:
Schoolwide proficiency ratings exceed proficient MSA compared with state: MSA students exceed the proficient score at twice the rate of the state average in math and science. Thirty percent of MSA students exceed the proficient score in math compared with 15% state average. Fifteen percent of MSA students exceed proficiency as compared with 8% state average. And 40% of MSA students exceed the proficient score, as compared with 15% of students exceeding proficient statewide. 

We continue to be ranked among top schools in the state.US News has again ranked MSA as the top secondary school in MN in 2021 as it has for most recent years.  Niche has again rated us best middle school and second best public high school in Minnesota number one middle school in Minnesota and best high school teachers in Minnesota. 

And MSA has many exciting changes for the 2021-22 school year. Students and staff are together in person for learning - school started on Tuesday, August 31. We are all wearing face coverings so that we can stay healthy and remain in person. We heard from most of our families that in person learning was important and they understand that because of COVID-19, wearing face coverings and getting vaccinated is the best way to keep school in person. 

Other exciting changes:

  • The school has new leadership with a wealth of experience. Introducing:
    • Executive Director, Randy Vetsch.
    • High School Principal, Athletics and Activities, Kate Hinton.  
    • Middle School Principal, Steve Hoemann.
    • Vice Principal, LyTou Lee.
  • MSA has many talented new staff including about a dozen new teachers, a new Middle School Counselor, and a High School Office Manager. We are excited to welcome these new staff to our school as they bring diversity, fresh perspectives, and new ideas to our school.
  • The board of directors and administration will have a retreat this fall to review and possibly refine our vision and mission. They’ll direct the administration to gather input from stakeholders to inform them as they set strategic priorities for the school.
  • The administration is focused on honoring student voices, building a healthy culture, and putting equity at the center of MSA’s rigorous learning environment.

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