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Give to MSA Day - Nov. 17th, 2016

The MSA Community Depends Upon You.

Beginning November 1st, you can schedule your gift to transact on Give to the Max Day. 

It’s just like scheduling your bills to pay automatically. Visit the following site: or enter your donation on the right side of the screen.


Receipts for all donations given via website can be printed.  

Receipts for all donations given via check/cash on campus will be mailed a receipt for tax purposes. Please drop off donation in a sealed envelope with your student's name on the outside.

Matching Donors 

For a list of matching donors, click on this link.

 GOAL: $70,000

In 24 hours with 100% Student and Teacher Participation

The MSA Annual Fund Committee raises money each year to "fund academic expenses that fall outside of the school budget, and upgrade the school’s buildings as needed." The Annual Fund goal for 2016 is to raise $70,000 for five main components. The projects will be funded in the following order: 

          1.            Teacher Curriculum needs

          2.            Science Lab Upgrades

          3.            Gym improvements

          4.            Teacher IMPACT Grants

Why do we need to raise funds in addition to the school budget?

MSA is a charter public school which provides an exceptional education to our children. We do receive funding through the State of MN like the traditional public schools. However, charter schools, like MSA, cannot raise needed funds through tax levies. In order to provide the additional funds needed to provide the high quality of education our children receive, MSA needs to conduct supplemental fundraisers.  Over the years, MSA has built a strong tradition of raising funds to support our academic excellence. 

Our goal is to have 100% of MSA families contribute to raise $70,000 for our school in one day.   The improvements in teacher laptops, science lab resources, gym aesthetics, and grants will benefit all our students and staff.  Give to MSA Day is the major annual giving event supporting the future of our school. Our goal for this event is $70,000 which equates to roughly $140 per pupil. 

The Math and Science Academy has consistently been rated as one of the top schools in MN based on ACT and MN standardized tests.  To continue the tradition of excellent education at MSA, there is also a need to look to our community to enhance the academic experience for our students.  ALL of our MSA families are encouraged to contribute to the Annual Fund Campaign on November 17, 2016 – MN Give to the Max Day. Together, we can ensure that the Math and Science Academy remains the best school in MN.

Please feel free to contact

MSA Director, John Gawarecki (  651-308-2017) or

MSA Assistant Director Romelle Pornschloegl (, 651-357.0309) with any questions.  


The Math and Science Academy (MSA) is an innovative Charter School that is located in Woodbury, Minnesota. MSA is a tuition-free public school that serves students in grades six through twelve.

MSA's Vision and Mission

Our Vision

To be an innovative, sustainable model of academic excellence that creates well-rounded, lifelong learners and global citizens.

Our Mission

To offer intense math, science and technology experiences and challenging opportunities in the arts and humanities. To develop lifelong learning skills, including critical thinking, leadership skills, volunteerism and collaboration with peers.








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