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The Math and Science Academy (MSA) is an innovative Charter School that is located in the City Center neighborhood of Woodbury, Minnesota. MSA is a tuition-free public school that serves students in grades six through twelve. It has a tradition of offering intense math and science experiences with the added distinction of providing creative and challenging opportunities in arts and humanities.

To meet this challenge, MSA students are expected to value and seek out their education. Students must be willing to diligently apply themselves to their studies, and be well organized and disciplined in their educational pursuits. Students are given opportunities to excel in rigorous math, science, humanities, music, art, and world language curriculums that reward critical thinking, effective time management, and collaboration with peers. These opportunities allow students to develop skills and competencies in many aspects of their lives; they provide a strong educational foundation which students can build upon after graduation.

Students are held to high standards in their academic work and their behavior, and they are expected to self-advocate to achieve these expectations. The students are expected to act responsibly towards their classmates, their teachers, the school staff, MSA family members, and themselves.

MSA is designed to foster meaningful interaction among faculty, students, staff, and parents while promoting an atmosphere of self-advocacy, accountability, respect, and responsibility. MSA educates students to become leaders who have acquired excellent communication skills, conceptual understanding, and the ability to make wise choices that will lead to success.

Since MSA is a charter school and is run by parents and teachers, families need to be aware of the opportunities and responsibilities they have in ensuring the success of MSA students. MSA families are expected to support the policies of the school and the students in their studies.


To be an innovative, sustainable model of academic excellence for all students that creates well-rounded, lifelong learners and global citizens.


We provide accelerated and inclusive curricula and instruction in all subjects, with an emphasis on math and science. 

Land Acknowledgement

We would like to acknowledge that the land on which we gather is the
land of the Ochéthi Šakówin (pronounced “oh-CHEH-tee shaw-KOH-we,”) The People of the
Seven Council Fires and the Wahpekute Band (pronounced “wah-PEH-koo-tay”). It is within
MSA’s responsibility as an academic institution to disseminate knowledge about Indigenous
peoples, and their history with this land. MSA works to build relationships with Native American
students and families through academic pursuits and historical recognition.

Core Values:

Honesty: MSA’s community exhibits fairness, cooperation, integrity, and honesty. MSA students and staff take responsibility for their actions.

Community: MSA maintains small class sizes and a small school feel.

Respect: MSA’s community respects others and their views, while fostering a safe environment where every voice is heard, and individuals are free to take risks.

Teamwork: MSA encourages networking, collaboration, and open communication between all members of our community. MSA encourages students, their families, and staff to invest their time and resources to serve the MSA community.

Excellence: MSA continuously evaluates and improves programs to ensure the highest quality in teaching and learning. MSA empowers students to develop independence through organization, time management, and self-discipline.

Focus on Equity:

MSA celebrates diversity and welcomes all students. Staff are expected to embrace equity and adhere to our equity policies.
Policy 102 Equal Educational Opportunity
Policy 102.1 Racial Equity and Inclusion
Policy 102.2 Gender Diverse, Nonbinary, Transgender, and Sexual Orientation Equity
Policy 102.3 Disability Rights, Inclusion, and Access

Strategic Priorities

  • Success for all students 

  • Facilities and infrastructure to MSA Mission and Vision

  • Organizational support to support MSA Mission and Vision

Math and Science Academy
8430 Woodbury Crossing
Woodbury MN 55125
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Main School Line: (651) 578-7507
Attendance Line: (651) 578-8061
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Student Records Fax: (651) 800-4600

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Liz Wynne - Director
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Authorizer Performance Commendable Rank From Minnesota Department of Education