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Our Staff

To contact staff via phone you will need to call the main school line, 651-578-7507, then dial the staff member's extension when prompted. You can also send general email requests to Some staff do have direct phone numbers, which may be listed next to their name below. If you are unsure of who to contact, please see our chain of communication.

Main School Numbers

Attendance Line (651) 578-8061
Main School Line (651) 578-7507
Human Resources  (651) 578-7507 x 3502
   OR (651) 353-2314
FAX Numbers  
General Fax Line (651) 578-7532
Student Records Fax Line  (651) 800-4600
HR Requests Fax Line (651) 300-0020

Administrative Staff

John Gawarecki Executive Director (651) 578-7507 x 3506
Thomas Johnston Middle School Assistant Director (651) 578-7507 x 3507
Shannon Froberg

High School Assistant Director

Activities Director (651) 578-7507 x 3503
Amanda Stout Middle School Office Manager (651) 578-7507 x 3500
Carrie Hamm High School Office Manager (651) 578-7507 x 3501
Joell Pundsack MARSS/Student Data Coordinator (651) 578-7507 x 3505
 (651) 800-4800
Ken La Casse Business Manager
HR Requests (651) 578-7507 x 3502
(651) 300-0020
Justin Gehring Technology Coordinator (651) 400-1024

(How Can We Help You? pdf)


Emily Graveen High School Counselor (651) 578-7507 x 3508
Kirstin Knutson Middle School Counselor (651) 578-7507 x 3510



Jennifer Heydt-Nelson Art Teacher Ext. 1007
Kerry O’Keefe Art Teacher Ext. 2102

Performing Arts

Wendell Sletten  Band/Orchestra Director Ext. 2302


Maggie Burggraaff English Teacher Ext. 4003
Mike Fillbrandt English Teacher Ext. 1017
Michelle Richards English Teacher Ext. 1016
Judy Seeberger

English Teacher

COVID-19 Coordinator Ext. 2007
Heather Rosemann English Teacher Ext. 3002
Teresa Ward English/EL Teacher Ext. 1002


Amanda Froberg Math Teacher Ext. 1011
Noah Langseth Math Teacher Ext. 2203
Isaac Leonhardi Math Teacher Ext. 4001 
Sandra Overson Math Teacher Ext. 4002 
Mariah Smith Math Teacher Ext. 2303

Physical Education / Health

Aron Hellner Phy. Ed./Health Teacher Ext. 2201
Tara Richert Phy. Ed./Health Teacher Ext. 2200


Jeana Albers Science Teacher Ext. 2202
Jacob Bukkila Science Teacher Ext. 2101
Annie Cardenas Science Teacher Ext. 1008 
Mark Greseth Science Teacher Ext. 1009
Cheri Howe Science Teacher Ext. 1010

Social Studies

Lisa Anderson Social Studies Teacher Ext. 3005
Jessica Heydt Social Studies Teacher Ext. 1001 
Michelle Kurkoski Social Studies Teacher Ext. 4004
Lucy Nordstrom Social Studies Teacher Ext. 1004
Catherine Roath Social Studies Teacher Ext. 1014


Kassie Larson Spanish Teacher Ext. 1012
Markell Anderson Spanish Teacher Ext. 4005
Jenna Babb Spanish Teacher Ext. 1018
Patricia Guerra Spanish Teacher Ext. 2301

Special Education

Angela Haverland Special Services Coordinator/Teacher Ext. 3004
Hannah Kostichka Special Education Coordinator/Teacher Ext. 1006
Noah Dombrovski Special Education Teacher Ext. 1005
Shannon Menard Special Education Teacher Ext. 2103
Julianne Farrell Special Education Teacher Ext. 1200
Charles Akyigyina Special Education Assistant  
Erin Brault Special Education Assistant  
Debra Fleischhacker Special Education Assistant  
April McClernan Special Education Assistant  
Kris Nelson Special Education Assistant  
Mike Palony Special Education Assistant  
Marissa Ward Special Education Assistant  
Deborah Webster Special Education Assistant  
Theresa Casey-Wolf  School Psychologist Please contact through
your student's case manager
Laura Ziertman Speech Language Pathologist  
Stacy Tri Occupational Therapist  
Karynn Adams Physical Therapist  
Susan Hooper DAPE  

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Attendance Line: (651) 578-8061
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