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Governance and Policy Committee

Purpose: The governance committee is responsible for maintaining proper board composition and ensuring that the board governs effectively. This committee drives a comprehensive board self-assessment process, fosters the development of new and existing board members, and reviews and assesses new or existing policies or governance procedures and makes recommendations to the Board of Directors.

Leadership: Officer of the Board, with help from the Director

Works with/gets information from: BOD, Authorizer, teachers, parents, and community members.

People on the committee: The committee includes the Director, an elected Officer of the Board, any interested representatives from the BOD, teachers, parents and students.

Meetings - when/how often held: Once a month - TBD

Chair's responsibilities: The Chair needs to plan, run and report the findings of the committee.

Members’ responsibilities: Members need to attend meetings and volunteer for specific tasks as needed.

MembersVary according to need and availability. 


Minutes and Notes:

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