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Glaedr FAQs  

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Q: “Can we stay in the school after 4:00 p.m.?”

A: Unless students have made prior arrangements with a teacher, coach, or advisor and are supervised by them, they may not be in the building. All offices are closed and there is no supervision for students. Thanks for the great question!

Q: For the semester two honor rolls, is that based off the final grades or semester two grades?

A: Second semester honor rolls are based only on a student's second semester grades and does not include their 1st semester grades.

Q: How can I get the Daily Announcements?

A: Click on this link to sign-up and opt in to receiving our Daily Announcements.

Math and Science Academy
8430 Woodbury Crossing
Woodbury MN 55125
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Main School Line: (651) 578-7507
Attendance Line: (651) 578-8061
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