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Interested in STEM?  MSA’s SWENext Club is a fun, low-effort, educational club!

Math and Science Academy’s SWENext Club’s purpose is to spark interest and confidence in all students, especially females, pursuing STEM during middle and high school.  This club aims to combat issues regarding confidence and gender ratio in careers and activities that are primarily dominated by males.  Our mission is to inform and inspire students in STEM through initiatives within and outside Math and Science Academy. 

The ultimate goal is to have SWENext still host fun and engaging activities for club members to participate in without being overwhelmed and stressed.  SWENext plans on offering a series of synchronous and asynchronous online STEM activities.

Optional activities will be offered every-other week, and members will get the opportunity to participate in a series of three (very) low-effort camps.  Camps will meet 3 times over a series of 6 weeks.  Topics include the following: 

  • Learn to code Python
  • Build a website using HTML/CSS
  • Create 3D models

But don’t worry, you get to decide how much/how little you want to commit to SWENext!  You can attend all three camps or none at all!

By joining SWENext, members will be associated with a well-respected organization (the Society of Women Engineers), gain access to scholarships, and make connections.  Members will also work in a collaborative team environment, learn essential life skills, and maybe even learn to code Python, build a website using HTML/CSS, and create 3D models!

Our club is welcome to all students at Math and Science Academy.

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