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Student Testimonials:

"Math and Science are awesome! The learning style is different and challenging. It is more fun!"

-Sixth grade student


     “I’ve been attending the Math & Science Academy for five years. All the teachers and students are

friendly and motivated. With everyone striving for excellence, it pushes you to achieve nothing less. The

struggles I’ve faced due to the heavy course load pushed me to my limits and helped prepare me for 

my future endeavors. MSA’s smaller class sizes allowed me to thrive in my academics and make  

friends that will last a lifetime.”

-11th grade student


     “I have been attending the Math and Science Academy since the sixth grade, and it is from here that

I've had some of my greatest memories. The teachers all care about you and want you to excel as 

students, and are always willing to go out of their way to help you. Some people worry about the 

academic rigor, but if you want to succeed and put effort into it, then successful you will be. As far as 

MSA’s social aspect goes, I’ve made some of my best friends here—friends that I know will be with me 

until the end. There are also great extra-curricular activities and athletics programs to satisfy any 

student’s needs. Myexperiences at MSA aren’t ones I’d trade for anything in the world, and there is no 

high school that I’d rather have gone to."

-11th grade student


     "The summer before sixth grade, I joined the cross country team and went to summer practices.

At first, I was so worried. I was a little sixth grader, and I wouldn’t know anyone! The first week, I met

two girls my age who were also new. Six years later, we’re still best friends.

     MSA is the type of place where things like this happen--all of the students here are people you

love to be around, people you know you’ll remember for the rest of your life. The teachers all honestly

care about the students and the school, and MSA has the best atmosphere in the world. You always know

that someone will be there to talk to, to help you, and just to be your friend. There’s some people who

say that going to MSA will “take away the high school experience,” but, in my opinion, MSA gives you

the best high school experience you could possibly imagine. Why would anyone want to choose a big

high school with social problems and academic problems when they could go to MSA and have 

amazing experiences both socially and academically?

     Not only does MSA provide a welcoming and enjoyable environment, the academic rigor is also

impressive. As a junior, I am now taking several college courses--and they’re easier than some of my

MSA courses have been. Spending five years at MSA has made me, and everyone I know, a better 

student and harder worker.

     All in all, MSA is a school that provides so many things a typical public school simply can not.

I doubt any student at Woodbury High School knows every single student at the high school--but I 

know all the students, and teachers, too. MSA has given me a group of people I will know for the rest of 

my life, and a couple best friends who have been with me from the very beginning. I wouldn’t trade it for 

the world.”

-11th grade student


Parent Testimonials

"We are so happy to be a part of the Math and Science Academy. When our son was getting

closer to middle school, we wanted him to be a part of a smaller, tight knit community. We

appreciate the 6-12 experience. The older students care about the younger ones and make

themselves available to answer questions from the six graders. We also wanted our son to be

challenged academically and for the teachers to really know him. Our son, since the beginning

of his elementary years, has been a ‘science’ kid. The Math and Science Academy has been a

great place for him. We couldn’t have asked for a smoother transition to 6th grade."

-Parent of a sixth grade student


"We love MSA! Our daughter has really blossomed there. She has found many more friends among the

smart kids MSA attracts than in elementary school. We have watched her develop into a disciplined,

organized, self-motivated, high-achieving student during her years there. Choosing MSA was a great


-Parent of a seventh grade student


"We are the proud parents of three MSA’ers. Our experience has been very positive. It starts with two

factors I think are unique to MSA. The early dedication to organization, and the fostering of very open

communication between teacher and student. Throughout our time we have been impressed by the

passion of the teachers, the challenge of the curriculum, and the fully engaged parents. These and

many other factors add up to a culture that we love for our kids, it is cool to be smart at MSA. Although

biased, we believe that we have three smart, well rounded young adults due in large part to MSA.

Please accept this as our unabashed endorsement of the Math & Science Academy."

-Parents of MSA students

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