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MSA Covid-19 Update - 9/6/2022

For the 2022-23 school year, COVID-19 will be handled in the same way we address other communicable diseases (flu, rotavirus, etc.) At this time, MSA will continue to follow current Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) guidelines.  The CDC and MDH do not require schools to institute extra health and safety protocols to address COVID-19, however, the following will guide our COVID-19 response.

If you have tested positive:

If you have had an exposure:

As a reminder, all absences need to be reported to the attendance line and report the following:  

  • Name
  • Grade
  • Nature of why they are absent (ill, appt, out of town etc)
  • If your child has symptoms of, or has been diagnosed with, any communicable diseases (influenza, chicken pox, strep throat etc) 
  • Please see the attendance policy regarding excessive illness absences.


  • If your child has a fever of 100.4°F or more, keep them home for 24 hours after the temperature returns to normal without using fever reducing medication.
  • If your child has vomited one or more times, keep them home until 24 hours after the last episode.
  • If your child has diarrhea and needs to use the bathroom frequently.
  • If your child has a rash that the cause is unknown, check with a health care provider before sending them to school.
  • If your child has an illness that prevents them from participating in routine activities.


  • If your child becomes ill at school and needs to go home, MSA will contact a parent/guardian. Children must call from the main office and not from their cell phones. 
  • If staff are unable to reach parents/guardians and determine that the student must go home, the emergency contacts will then be called. 
  • It is important for parents/guardians to provide an emergency contact that is available during the school day.
  • Your child will not be allowed to leave with any person who is not listed as an emergency contact unless we have your verbal permission to allow an alternate person to pick up your child.
  • Your child will not be allowed to leave school without contacting an adult.

MSA Covid-19 Update - 3/4/2022

As of Saturday, March 5th, face coverings will be strongly recommended, but no longer required at MSA for staff, visitors and students of all ages. This adjustment continues to follow guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Minnesota Department of Health. 

COVID-19 Community Levels are a new tool from the CDC to help us and communities decide what prevention steps to take based on hospitalizations and cases. For more information on these guidelines, visit: COVID-19 Community levels.


MSA COVID-19 Update - 2/2/2022 

Dear MSA Families,

After careful review of the latest guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and to remain consistent with District 833, MSA updated our isolation and quarantine guidelines beginning Monday, January 31.  Even with these changes, anyone who feels sick should stay home and get tested before coming to school.  After implementing these new guidelines, if it is determined that we are having a high rate of COVID-19 spread within our school community, we will revisit these guidelines and modify them as needed. 

We have updated our MSA COVID-19 Exclusion Decision Tree to help individuals determine when it is OK to return to school.

Isolation Period

Isolation is used to separate people with a confirmed or suspected case of COVID-19 from others. MSA will follow the new CDC guidelines for staff and students who test positive for COVID-19:

- Individual must isolate at home for at least five days

      - Day zero ‘0’ is the day of positive test for

        COVID-19 or symptoms began

-  Individual must wear a mask for 10 days following

   the date of positive test for COVID-19

      - Individual should wear a mask at home if

        they live with other individuals who have

        not been exposed, have not tested positive

        or do not have symptoms

On day six (6):

      - If individual did not have symptoms, they should continue to wear a mask until at

        least day 10, but can resume in person school and activities with a NEGATIVE COVID test.

      - If individual has no fever and symptoms are gone, they should continue to wear a

        mask until at least day 10, but can resume in person school and activities with a NEGATIVE COVID test.

      - If individual has a fever and/or still has symptoms, they should stay home until

        the fever and symptoms are gone for 24 hours and continue to wear a mask until at

        least day 10

On day 10:

      - If individual has a fever or any symptoms, they should continue to isolate and

        wear a mask until the fever and all symptoms are gone for 24 hours

If your child participates in athletics or activities, the Minnesota State High School League (MSHSL) requires that students meet all three additional requirements to resume participation in competitions:

      - It has been at least 10 days since your child first experienced symptoms or

        tested positive

      - Your child can not have experienced a fever within the last 24 hours, without the

        use of medicine that lowers fevers

      - Any symptoms of cough, shortness of breath or other symptoms must have improved

Individuals with symptoms of COVID-19 who have not been tested, must also isolate for at least 5 days after symptoms began. 

Quarantine Period

Quarantine is used to prevent transmission of COVID-19 by keeping people who have been in close contact with someone with COVID-19 apart from others.

Quarantines for those identified as close contacts will follow new guidance with a reduced quarantine of five (5) days. The last date of exposure is considered day zero (0), with a return to school activities on day six (6) with a NEGATIVE COVID test.

Students are exempt from quarantine IF:

      - They have tested positive for COVID-19 in the past 90 days AND do not currently

        have symptoms of COVID-19, or

      - They completed the primary series of COVID-19 vaccination (two doses in a two-

        dose series or one dose in a one-dose series) at least 14 days before the

        exposure AND do not have symptoms of COVID-19

Quarantined individuals are asked to test prior to returning to school. MSA has Rapid Antigen tests available. If symptoms develop or your child tests positive, email Becky Bogan at for next steps and do not attend school. Individuals cannot “test out” of their required quarantine period even if they have a negative test. After the 5-day quarantine, continue to watch for symptoms through day 14. If symptoms develop, stay home, isolate from others and get tested immediately.

Face Coverings

Face coverings continue to be required in MSA buildings. If possible, students should wear a N95, KN95 or multilayered mask.  Extra masks are available at school for students who need them.

Testing and Vaccination

Vaccine resources are available on the MDH website. Weekly testing is encouraged for everyone, regardless of vaccination status, at community testing locations or through our schools weekly PCR testing program. Email Becky Bogan ( if you would like to sign-up for weekly PCR testing.  We also have a limited supply of Rapid Antigen test kits available.  These are best used with symptomatic individuals, as that is when they are most accurate.

Important Covid Documents

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