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Daily Giving

Box Tops for Education

Box Tops for Education are a quick, easy way to earn money for MSA, and those little coupons add up fast!  

Look for Box Tops on General Mills, Avery, Ziploc, Green Giant, Kleenix, Hanes, Boise paper products and many other products. Check out the website at for a listing of the many products containing box tops.  Every Box Top is worth 10 cents.  Money earned can be used by MSA to buy books, sports equipment, supplies or anything we need!  Last year Box Tops brought in almost $2,000 for the school and we bought a popcorn machine that can be used at school events and dances!

Find the Box Tops logo on participating products when you shop.  Clip Box Tops and save them on a sheet of paper.  Attach them in quantities of 50 or less marked, "Box Tops."  Please do not attach them with staples.  Send your Box Tops in to school and MSA will do the rest!

Find out more about Box Tops and how you can help MSA earn more by visiting the Box Tops for Education website. 

Amazon Smile

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If you shop at Kowalskis nearby (including the Starbucks in the store and the Aveda Salon) you can put your cash register receipt in the box marked, “Math and Science Academy” and the school will earn money. The box is located near the front door of the store. MSA makes money off of every receipt in the box, regardless of the amount on the receipt, so every receipt counts! The amount of money MSA receives depends on the amount of receipts in the box at the end of every quarter, when Kowalskis tallies up the amount of the receipts in MSA’s box, compared with the other organizations that also have boxes. If MSA has the most receipts, then MSA gets a bigger percentage of the amount that Kowalskis donates. A lot of MSA students visit Kowalskis before or after school so please tell your student about this easy way to donate to MSA!

United Way

Did you know that you can designate MSA as a recipient of your contributions during your employer's Annual Giving (United Way) Campaign?  

This is an easy way to support MSA and continue our tradition of providing an excellent education and  Some employers, like 3M will even match your contribution by a certain amount for every dollar you donate!

All you have to do is "expand your agency search" on your employer's Giving website. Type Math and Science Academy in the search field and that should be all you have to do!  (Math and Science Academy, 8430 Woodbury x-ing, Woodbury, MN 55125).  **If you need an EIN number, we can give that to you too.  Please contact the MSA office if you need more information.

Thank you for considering MSA as the beneficiary of your donations!

Labels for Education

labels for ed.png

Campbell’s Labels for Education is a quick, easy way to help MSA to earn free art, athletic and academic merchandise.

Look for Labels for Education on Campbell’s, Pace, Pepperidge Farms, Swanson, Bic and V8 products.  Check out the website at for a listing of the many products containing the labels. 

Find the Label for Education logo which includes the point value and UPC code. Clip this label and send it to MSA.  MSA will do the rest.

Find out more about Campbell’s Labels for Education and how you can help MSA earn more by visiting the Labels for Education website.

Milk Moola

Kwik Trip Milk Moola is a quick and easy way to help MSA to earn cash. 

Look for Milk Moola caps or bag tops collected from Kwik Trip and Kwik Star Nature products.  Check out the website  for a list of complete products.  MSA will receive 5 cents for each cap or bag top.  Send these items to the school and MSA will do the rest!

Find out more about Milk Moola and how you can help MSA by visiting the Milk Moola website. 

My Coke Rewards


My Coke Rewards is a quick and easy way to help MSA earn cash. 

Look for codes located under caps on coke products, inside the tear-off on 12-packs, and on multi-pack wraps on Dasani water.  Check out the website for a list of complete products.  MSA will earn cash for each point donation made, just go to the website and set up an account, select causes and search for Math and Science Academy or type in 55125.  MSA will earn 5 cents for every 3 points redeemed and donated.  

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