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Board Committees

A Committee is an official Board of Director (BOD) working group subject to Open Meeting law.  Publicly posted Committee meeting notices, agendas and minutes are available on the MSA website.  The following are official BOD committees: Academic, Annual Fund, Finance, and Governance.

Name of Committee
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Chair & Board Member (BM) Representative Meeting Day Meeting Time Focus or Standing
Academics Chair: Lisa Anderson (BM/Vice Chair)
Rita Winchester (BM/Secretary)
First Monday of the month 8:00 a.m. Standing 
AFC Chair: Thomas Johnston (Assist. Dir)
Ken Thielman (BM/Chair)
Noah Langseth (BM)
Third Wednesday of the month  4:30 p.m. Focus 
Communications Chair: TBD Meet as needed TBD Focus
Finance Chair: Mona Hayashi (BM/Treasurer)
Ken Thielman (BM/Chair)

Second Monday of the month

4:30 p.m. Standing

Board Task Forces

A Task Force is not an official Board of Director group, and typically is formed for specific tasks or projects.  Task force meetings are open and transparent; as with Committees, members of the MSA community are encouraged to participate. The following are current Task Forces:  Building, Communications, Personnel, Safety, and Technology.

Name of Task Force Chair & Board Member (BM) Representative Meeting Day Meeting Time
Building/Building Safety Chair: John Gawarecki TBD   TBD
Credit Recovery Chair: Lisa Anderson (BM) TBD TBD
Education Program Policy  Chair: Cheri Howe (BM)  TBD  TBD
MSHSL - Minnesota State High School League Chair: Shannon Froberg No meeting/report  
PTO (Parent Organization) Chair: Rachel Ballard (Parent)
Vice Chair: Diane Erickson 
Secretary: Jennifer Bartle
Treasurer: Carolyn Hamil
Cheri Howe (BM) 
Personnel Chair: John Gawarecki Meet as needed  
Policy Ken Thielman (BM/Chair)  Usually no meeting   
PSEO Chair: Lisa Anderson (BM/Vice Chair) TBD TBD
PSEO: Spanish Equivalencies Chair: Michelle Kurkoski, Teacher TBD TBD
Technology Chair: No Chair Currently Meet as needed  

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