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Dragon Track & Field


Alex Brault 

Hiya Dragons! I have been a Co-Head Nordic Ski Coach at MSA for 3 seasons and will be around this spring as the Head Boy's Coach. My running experience consists of 6 years of Track and Field, 9 half marathons, and 2 marathons. Around the track, I mostly competed in the 4x400, 4x800 and corresponding open races. I also have experience with 200's, starting blocks, throwing, and the mile. I look forward to working with all of you this spring to help reach your goals, and above all else, have a lot of fun as we run fast and turn left. Please don't hesitate to reach out to me with any questions or concerns. (612-760-1327, Roar!

Heath Anderson

This is my 4th season with Dragon Track and Field.  I will be the Head Girls’ Coach for 2019. I have also been a volunteer coach for the past two years with Dragon Cross Country. I have been coaching track since 1998.  Prior to coming to MSA, I was the head MS coach in Inver Grove Heights where I work with Elementary level English language learners.  In the winter I am Simley High School’s Head Nordic Ski Coach.  I’ve held that position since  2000.  My son Harris is a current MSA student and my daughter Claire is an MSA grad.  Back in the day, I competed at the colligate level as a Dragon long and triple jumper at Minnesota State Moorhead, and played club Rugby with North Dakota State University.  Even further back, I competed in track and field and played football as a Moorhead Spud.  I’m looking forward to working with this group of knowledgeable, caring, and joyful coaches and with MSA’s fine student athletes.  (651-724-2639,

Robert Dilla

I am a special education teacher at Woodbury High School. This is my first year coaching. Running is something I am very passionate about, and I have been doing it since I was 10 years old. I ran track and cross-country in high school and have done several marathons, half marathons, 5K's, and 10K's over the years. I am looking forward to working with your kids, and I am hoping to instill a life-long passion for running. My philosophy is to challenge each runner to develop themselves and improve over time, but most of all I want them to still love running 20 years from now. 

Erin Brault

Hello! I'm Coach Erin, and this is my first year helping with MSA Track and Field. As an athlete, I ran Track from 6th grade through my senior year of high school, and I competed in mid-distance and distance events (mostly the 4x800, open 800, and 1600). I've also completed 6 half marathons and 2 marathons, including a half marathon in Spain! This year, I'll be a floater helping out mainly with the middle school team and mid/distance runners. I'm looking forward to a fun season! Fun fact: I'm the assistant coach for MSA's Nordic Ski team, and I'm Coach Alex Brault's sister!

Moses Mugwanja

I am a recent graduate of Minnesota State University, Mankato with a Degree in Manufacturing Engineering Technology. While attending RHS (Richfield High School) I participated in the open 800s, 400, relays, long jump, and triple jump. While in college, I did manage to run both a half and full marathon as well.


Please fill out and return all necessary forms and fees to the activities office before the season begins. If the office is locked please put forms and fees in an envelop, label with name and activity, and slide under the door. No forms or fees should go to the front offices. If you participated in a fall sport you will only need to pay fee and fill out coaches formThe fee is $175 for C,  JV and Varsity teams.


Remember you need a physical on file from the doctor's office that is within the last 3 years.

Click here for the forms.


2019 Meet and Important Date Information

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Team Roster

For the most up to date team roster check out the Minnesota State High School League (MSHSL) webpage for the Math and Science Academy at:


Training Philosophy

At MSA, we will never cut an athlete for performance reasons.  We believe that everyone brings something special to the team.  If you like to work hard, have fun, and can commit to showing up regularly, we would love to have you be a part of the team.

The coaches have 3 goals for the program: 

  1. Everyone works hard to improve over the season.
  2. We maintain a high level of participation.
  3. Have fun!


MSA Track and Field Expectations 2019

1.  Being a member of the Dragon Track and Field Team is an honor and a privilege.  It provides a chance to develop your body and your mind.  It is both hard work and lots of fun.  All athletes need to demonstrate a positive attitude towards coaches, teammates, and officials.  You are expected to cooperate with all. Hazing or harassment will not be tolerated, while fun is expected.

2.  We believe that MSA Track and Field should be a positive place for students.  This positivity and fun will generate the joy needed to power improvement.  It is a goal that all students feel that coaches care about them as people first and athletes second. 

3. Athletes must have all forms complete before they will be allowed to practice.  (MSHSL Eligibility Brochure, Emergency Contact Form, Waiver of Liability Agreement, and Sports Physical)

4.  Academics are at the core of your educational experience.  All athletes must be making good behavior and academic choices to stay active on the team.  You are students first; athletes second.

5. All team members must abide by the MSHSL rules and MSA athletic policies.  Please check the athletic handbook; these are minimum standards; we, of course, expect better!

6. Communication is an important part of any team.  Short notice changes in meet times and locations can occur because of weather conditions. We will set up an email list to send weekly updates.  We will also send updates to regarding any changes in plans.  It is the student/athlete’s job to read emails and to listen to announcements in practice.

Students should attempt to communicate with coaches directly prior to parents contacting coaches.  This helps teach communication skills, makes athletes responsible for their participation and limits the volume of emails to coaches.  We, of course, encourage communication on sensitive issues or if students are feeling unsuccessful communicating.  

7. Practices and meets are a time to improve your fitness level and to develop your skills. Success is measured by effort, attitude and improvement as well as by competition results. 

8. Unless injured, you are expected to complete all individual contests and all assigned meet events.  Tired and sore are not injuries.  We will error on the side of caution with injuries.  If you cannot practice because of an injury, we will sit you out of meets until you are fit to resume practice.  Please report any injury to coaches immediately.

9.  Practices and meets are mandatory for all student/athletes.  If you miss a practice or a meet, you must have an excuse signed by your parent.  Absences for academic reasons require prior approval.  Do not have a teammate tell coaches you will not be at practice. Excessive unexcused absences will make you ineligible for competitions.  Athletes are expected to stay at meets to step into events and or support team members until the last event is complete.  All athletes are encouraged to ride the team bus when provided.

10. Practice begins at 4:10 pm and runs until approximately 6:00 pm.  Parents should pick students up promptly after practices and meets.  Carpooling is encouraged.

11. This is a Track and Field team.  All athletes should expect to run, jump and throw when called upon in practices and in competitions.  We have many event slots to fill, so we need people willing to try different events.

12. Students need to be coachable.  Coachable means you are willing to take responsibility for your actions and outcomes, you accept direction, feedback, and critiques from coaches.  Coachable athletes are open to trying new ideas.  Further they are reflective and will constructively communicate with coaches.  

13. Coaches will strive to meet the needs of every team member.  Coaches want the best for each individual athlete and for the team as a whole.   Coaches will make the final decision on meet participation and on events competed in. Parents will let coaches coach. 

14.  Being on a track and field team without a track or field poses challenges.  We will make do as we can at Pioneer Park, Lake Middle School, the “Circle of Friendship” and other locations near campus.  The whereabouts of students needs to be known by coaches at all times.  Students may not go into a home or business without coach approval during practice times. 

15. Care must be used with all Dragon equipment and implements.  You are responsible to return the uniform issued to you. 

16.  You live in Minnesota!  Anticipate snow, cold, wind, rain or scorching heat every day.  Be prepared to add or remove layers of clothing and apply sunscreen to stay comfortable.  Male and female athletes must wear shirts at practices and meets.  Shoes and clothing must be appropriate for athletic movement. All students should have a digital watch with a stop watch function that will be used for individualized workouts.

17.  Parents are responsible to make sure their student athlete has proper nutrition, hydration and clothing for practices and for competition.  Check the weather and work with athletes before they leave home.  Preparing for meets and practices should occur the night before.  It is too late when they arrive at the track and field venue. 

18. Track meets are a place to experience an expected range of emotions.  However, athletes are to keep their emotions in check.  Over exuberant celebrations, blatant displays of anger or dramatic crying are not appropriate and constitute unsporting conduct. Coaches will limit participation in meets as needed to help students meet emotional challenges.

19.  Team Captains are an important part of any team; it is not an honorary title.   To become a Captain and to remain a Captain, you must demonstrate the highest values of the team.  Coaches will work with Captains to outline further expectations. 

20. According to the Minnesota State High School League 6th grade students are not eligible to compete in high school meets.  We will have additional middle school specific meets and for high school meets with a middle school component.  Middle school athletes will not participate in meets that they are not physically or emotionally prepared for.

21.  We are a team of boy and girl athletes from grade 6 to grade to 12.  It is expected that all behaviors are appropriate for all team members.

22.  The Minnesota State High School League requires special permission in two areas.  First religious or medical head coverings need an exception from MSHL.  Ms. Froberg’s office will help with this exception.  Second students must have a physician’s statement documenting the need for inhalers used at competitions.  Coaches must offer this written documentation to meet officials prior to the start of the meet.  We will do this at coaches’’ meetings.

 23. Earning a Letter in track and field should be both meaningful and obtainable.  Letter earners must consistently attend practices, score points in varsity meet and/or be an athlete in good standing in their senior year.  Coaches’ discretion supersedes these requirements.

24. The skills and the attitudes learned in athletics are applicable to all aspects of life, it is an overt goal of MSA Track and Field Team to develop students to be happy, hardworking, goal oriented and ethical adults.  Learn, try, run, throw, jump, and have a great season!


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