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Performing Arts at MSA

Our Music Department is dedicated to the creation and propagation of enthusiasm of all forms of performing arts, whether it be through instrumental, vocal, or theatrical productions.


Come make music with us! MSA's performing arts is a place for everyone. Whether it's playing the flute or reciting lines in a play, come find your place at MSA! We're excited to have you join us!


Every MSA student must at some point become part of our vast music program, either in a class during the school day (World of Drumming, Concert Band, Wind Ensemble) or as an extracurricular course


MSA's music department has grown with the school. Starting out in the once-larger Great Hall, we have expanded into two different orchestral groups, two vocal groups, and three bands, all of which perform in four concerts throughout the year in the MSA gym. We are now fortunate to host three theatre productions on our own stage every year!


The MSA choir is the biggest vocal ensemble for grades 6 to 12. They sing a variety of pieces from very well known works such as Carmina Burana, Hallelujah chorus, and also more abstract works. Practices are from 8-9:10 am on Tuesdays and Fridays. They usually performs in the Winter and Spring concerts. All ages and talents are welcome!

Choir is a lot of fun! It's really fun to get together with a group of people who have the same interests. We sing challenging songs and work to improve every detail, but we have fun doing it!" -Shannon Koperski, 10th grade

Curicular Ensembles

The following ensembles are courses taken during school, and they count for Fine Arts credits:

  • Wind Band (6th grade band)
  • Concert Band (7-8th grade band)
  • Wind Ensemble (High school band)
  • World of Drumming (Middle school drumming)

Jazz Ensemble

The Jazz Ensemble is a collection of high school jazz players who perform for the annual Jazz Coffee House and Sounds of Hope concerts. It meets at 4-5 PM on Tuesdays and Fridays.

"The MSA Jazz Band is a great ensemble for anyone who plays music. The songs that you get to play are pretty cool. Not only do we play jazz, but we also play rock, funk, latin, and more. We also do improve solos, which may sound hard but are pretty fun to do. We play in sports events throughout the school year and in the Sounds of Hope Concert and the Jazz Coffee House." -James Cho, 9th grade


Madrigal is a group of high school vocalists who perform at the Winter, Sounds of Hope, and Spring concerts. Madrigal meets at 8 am on Mondays and Thursdays. Entry to this ensemble is by invitation only.

"You really have no idea what's going on and then he just hands you a red folder and you're in. Madrigal takes on the name 'The mad show-co' short for the madrigal show choir. We sing all sorts of songs and are smaller than the choir." -Grace Ledvina, 10th grade


MSA is fortunate enough to host two orchestras, String Orchestra and Symphony Orchestra. Both of these perform at the Winter, Sounds of Hope, and Spring concerts in the gym.

String Orchestra is a beginner-level ensemble for sixth and seventh grade string players. The pieces are meant to develop each individual's musical skills, as well as encourage students to play together as a group. This ensemble meets after school from 4-5 pm on Mondays and Wednesdays.

Symphony Orchestra is a very fun, music-intensified class for students of all ages. In this class, musicians are constantly challenged with new music and lessons.  The pieces played are written by well-known composers that many people around the world know.  This ensemble meets after school from 4-5 pm on Mondays and Wednesdays.  Players of all ages and instruments are welcomed. 

(String players who do not show enough proficiency in their instruments may be placed in String Orchestra at first. Students who are new to the program will have to attend an audition to demonstrate their skills.) 


The Winter Play, the One Act, and the Spring Musical are the three theatre performances hosted by MSA each year. Everyone is encouraged to try out- there is a place for anyone!

"The MSA theatre program is a fantastic experience for every child. Being part of a play teaches a student teamwork skills, improves their confidence and public speaking, allows them to share their musical abilities and other talents, and provides them with an amazing sense of accomplishment when the play is completed. There are so many roles which contribute to the success of a play, so anyone can join and have fun. Theatre will bring students together and build strong friendships as well. For these reasons, theatre is an activity which is fun and beneficial for every student." -Erin Riley, 12th grade

"Over the last two years, I personally have found the drama program at MSA to be very enjoyable. Participating in both auditions and rehearsals is always fun, as other participants of this program are always fun to talk to and act with. Along with all of this, the final performances of the Fall Play, One-Act, or Spring Musical are also very fun, as it is always exciting to get up on stage and perform for everyone. Overall, I have really enjoyed MSA's drama program and hope it continues the way it has." -Thomas Nelson, 10th grade

"I've been  part of the theatre program at MSA for about 5 years. Everyone in the program is so nice and easy to work with, so I never plan on leaving! The great part about it is that there are so many positions you can hold: stage managing, lighting, sound, or the acting itself. It's so fun and I recommend it to everyone!" -Lily Dempsey, 10th grade

Tri-M Music Honor Society

The Tri-M Music Honor Society is the international music honor society for high school students. It is designed to recognize students for their academic and musical achievements, reward them for their accomplishments and service activities, and to inspire other students to excel at music and leadership.The object of this chapter is to help enhance the benefits of a quality music education for the students at the Math and Science Academy, the school, and the community, to emphasize the value of music as students develop a sense of teamwork and collaboration among fellow members, and to help contribute their time and service to helping put on annual public performances.
Tri-M students dedicate hours of effort to make sure all the concerts and music-related events run as smoothly as possible. 
Tri-M meets every other Thursday morning at 7:45AM. This group is by invitation only.


What do I Wear to Concerts?

Everyone is required to wear black to the floor.* For girls, this can be a dress or skirt with black tights or a black pair of dress pants with black shoes. Boys wear black tuxedos or suits with a black necktie or bow tie.  *Exceptions to this are concert band and string orchestra, and only as instructed by the conductor.

When do I Show up to Concerts?

If you are performing, you must be warming up in your greenroom no later than 6:30 p.m. (or one half hour prior to performance). There are a limited number of seats in the gym, so the earlier audience members arrive, the better their chance for choice seating.

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