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Board of Directors

About the Board

The Board of Directors (BOD) sets the direction for the school and the staff takes us there. The director and staff run the school's day-to-day operations. The BOD sets policies and curriculum and ensures that MSA meets the requirements of MSA’s authorizer and its charter . The BOD is composed of MSA teachers, parents, community members, and the director. 

Current Members

Tim Tydlacka (Chair of the Board)

Phone: (651) 353-2307
Representing: Teachers
Expiration: June 2017

Molly Molitor

Phone: (651) 208-8859
Representing: Teachers
Expiration: June 2017


Deb Ledvina (Vice Chair)

Phone: (651) 492-0601
Representing: Parents
Expiration: June 2017 

Peter Irvine

Phone: (651) 399-5035
Representing: Community
Expiration: June 2018


Mona Hayashi (Treasurer)

Phone: (651) 578-0343
Representing: Parents
Expiration: June 2016 

Jeana Albers

Phone: (651) 353-2313
Representing: Teachers
Expiration: June 2018

Noelle Haland (Secretary)

Phone: (612) 720-1593
Representing: Parents
Expiration: June 2018

John Gawarecki , Director

Phone: (651)308-2017
Representing: School District
(Ex-Officio Member)

Jessie Heydt

Phone: (651) 578-7507 ext 4022
Representing: Teachers
Expiration: June 2016

Atte Kadoma

Representing: Students

Expiration: June 10, 2016
(Non-voting Member) 

Joe Burianek

Phone: (651) 214-3585
Representing: Community Members
Expiration: June 2016

Judith Darling
Contracted Financial Manager

Phone: (651) 463-2233 X202
Representing: School District
(Ex-Officio Member BKDA) 

2015 - 2016 Board Meeting Dates and Times

For all board meetings in 2015-2016, the meetings are scheduled to take place at 6:15PM on normally the third Monday of the month in Building A. They typically will end by 8:30PM. A workshop is held prior to the meeting, starting at 5:00PM. Times and dates are subject to change. Please see the previous meeting minutes to confirm a meeting time. Dates for the 2015-2016 meetings are:

January 19, 2016  ** Recently Changed Date*
February 8, 2016
March 21, 2016 
April 18, 2016 
May 16, 2016
June 20, 2016

Name of Committee
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Chair & Board Member (BM) Representative Meeting Day Meeting Time Focus or Standing
Academics Chair Noell Haland (BM)
Jesse Heydt (BM) 
Once/month, usually around 4th Tuesday  4:15pm Standing 
AFC Chair: Romelle P. (A. Dir)
Deb Ledvina (BM)
Mona Hayashi (BM) 
TBD  TBD  Focus 
Alumni Chair: Peter Irvine (BM)
Joe Burianek (BM) 
TBD   TBD Focus 
Building Safety Chair: Russell Manning  (Parent)
Molly Molitor (BM) 
TBD   TBD Focus 
Communications Chair: Heidi Bardwell (Parent)
Joe Burianek (BM)
Jeana Albers (BM) 
2nd Wednesday Monthly. September - May


5:00-6:00PM Standing 
Finance Chair: Mona Hayashi (BM/Treasurer)  

2nd Monday Monthly

 4:15pm  Standing
MSHSL - Minnesota State Hich School League Chair: Shannon Froberg
Molly Molitor (BM) 
 No meeting/report    Focus
Parent Team Chair: Sharon Huntley (Parent)
Tim Tydlacka (BM) 
TBD    Focus 
Personnel Chair: Molly Molitor (BM)
Jessie Heydt (BM) 
 Meet as needed   Focus 
Policy Deb Ledvina (BM)
Mona Hayashi (BM) 
Usually no meeting     Standing
Student Chair: Atte Kadoma (St.Rep) TBD    Focus 
Technology Chiar: Joe Burianek (BM)
Peter Irvine (BM) 
1st Wednesday/Monthly    Focus 

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