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Our Staff

The best way to receive our staff is by calling the main school line (651-578-7507) and then dialing the staff members extension listed below. Some staff do have direct phone numbers, which may also be listed below. 

Main School Numbers

Attendance Line (651) 578-8061
Main School Line (651) 578-7507
Fax Line (651) 578-7532

Administrative Staff

John Gawarecki Executive Director (651) 308-2017
Romelle Pornschloegl Assistant Director (651) 357-0309
Shannon Froberg Activities Director (651) 353-2316
Joyce Lawrence Business Manager (651) 353-2314
Joell Pundsack Admin Support Coordinator (651) 724-0562
Ann Knops Office Manager
Building B (651) 578-7507
Carrie Brookins School Psychologist (612) 462-8756
Marsha Bunge Special Education Coordinator Ext. 4029
Justin Gehring Technology Coordinator (651) 400-1024
Star Khanpour Receptionist (651) 578-7507



Jennifer Heydt-Nelson Art Teacher Ext. 4001
Kerry O’Keefe Art Teacher Ext. 4002

Performing Arts

Jerry Shelton Music Teacher Ext. 4003


Maggie Burggraaff English Teacher Ext. 4004
Michelle Richards English Teacher Ext. 4005
Rachael Ryan English Teacher Ext. 4006
Judy Seeberger English Teacher Ext. 4040
Tim Tydlacka English Teacher Ext. 4007
Teresa Ward English Teacher Ext. 4008


Mara Bertelsen Math Teacher Ext. 4009
Caitlin Harper Math Teacher Ext. 4010
Noah Langseth Math Teacher Ext. 4011
Bronwen Williams Math Teacher 651-353-2309
Lauren Zachman Math Teacher Ext. 4013

Physical Education / Health

Tom Johnston Phy. Ed Teacher Ext. 4014
Molly Molitor Phy. Ed/Health Teacher Ext. 4015


Jeana Albers Science Teacher Ext. 4016
Mark Greseth Science Teacher Ext. 4017
Cheri Howe Science Teacher Ext. 4018
Steve Pullar Science Teacher Ext. 4019
Alouisa Thames Science Teacher Ext. 4020

Social Studies

Lisa Anderson Social Studies Teacher Ext. 4021
Jessica Heydt Social Studies Teacher Ext. 4022
Michelle Kurkoski Social Studies Teacher Ext. 4023
Catherine Roath Social Studies Teacher Ext. 4024


Amanda Henkels Spanish Teacher Ext. 4025
Kassie Larson Spanish Teacher Ext. 4026
Maria Sustic Spanish Teacher Ext. 4027
Markell Anderson Spanish Teacher Ext. 4028

Special Education

Marsha Bunge Special Education Teacher - 6-7th Grade Ext. 4029
Hannah Kostichka Special Education Teacher - 8-9th Grade Ext. 4030
Catherine Moos Special Education Teacher - 10-12th Grade Ext. 4031
Ryan Medeiros 504 Coordinator Ext. 4032
Debra Fleischhacker Special Education Assistant Ext. 4033
Michelle Kruse Special Education Assistant Ext. 4034 
Carrie Cardinal Special Education Assistant Ext. 4035 
Laurie Traxler Special Education Assistant Ext. 4036 
Deborah Webster Special Education Assistant Ext. 4037 
Jinan Weinhandl Special Education Assistant Ext. 4038 
Sandy Proulx Special Education Assistant Ext. 4039 

Math and Science Academy
8430 Woodbury Crossing
Woodbury MN 55125

Main School Line: (651) 578-7507
Attendance Line: (651) 578-8061
Fax Line: (651) 578-7532
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